The following multimedia presentations have been given to schools and/or at scientific conferences to introduce Koko and the Gorilla Foundation's mission, and to highlight aspects of our research that impact gorilla conservation or welfare. We have added slide notes so that you can present them to your own audiences. If you would like additional information on any of the presentations shown here, contact us at [email protected]

Meet Koko, a "Talking Gorilla

School Presentation (K-12)
This presentation contains over 100 slides with short video clips and photos illustrating many different facets of Koko's intellectual and emotional lives. It also introduces Koko's former silverback companion, Michael, a bushmeat orphan, and her current companion Ndume. View

Project Koko

Scientific Presentations
Talks given at scientific conferences by research director Penny Patterson, PhD., and research/care colleagues, on the scientific and conservation aspects of our interspecies communication research with gorillas Koko, Michael, and Ndume.   View

Learning from Michael

Scientific Presentations
Michael is the only other gorilla besides Koko who has learned American Sign Language. He grew up with Koko, was 3 years younger, and passed away in 2000 at age 27 of cardiomyopathy; however, we continue to learn and be inspired by him — both from the research data we collected and from new brain research. View



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Our mission is to learn about gorillas by communicating with them, and apply our knowledge to advance great ape conservation, education, care and empathy.
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